Friday, May 17, 2013

:: OuR PlaN 4 ThiS WeeKenD ::


Salam Jumaat

Weekend is coming.. again.. and i am going to take 1 day leave to cool me down from this working environment yang tidak sihat ini.. i mean this week is a very tiring and full of dramas week. even thou im not involved in this drama but then tiba2 kena 'Silent Treatment".. kind off menyakitkan hati. so... better talk to my plant and flowers la...

ok. lupakan pasal that office drama. that is biasa kan... so.. i want to share on my plan for two of us this coming weekend which is tomorrow... wiw!

our plan.. (me and my anak dara yang umur 4 tahun tu)
tomorrow - went to Museum Sarawak. why? coz they have 1 day event with lots of activities. :) and i want to bring my girl along. :) will share with all of you all on Monday.

 enjoy your weekend. :)


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suka suka said...

happy weekend la ya..