Friday, March 21, 2014

:: Random Photos From My Garden ::


before i start, lets pray for MH370.

okay. how are you? alhamdulillah me and my girl sihat walafiat. I am buzy lately with my own schedule. Mana with my work load yang semakin banyak, mana with all the travelling. aiyak. and my dearest cik chee dah school and she only want to do her homework with her mummy.

and the mummy lak kena buat her own homework. How?

well.. my gardening activity semua kena hold for a while. yang ada cuma yang ada dalam pot jer.
kat kuching kejap panas and kejap hujan. last month memang tak der hujan  for 2 - 3 weeks.
so i share the photo yang i capture from my new phone. :D

 This is a one of the cactus species and ada banyak anak. so.. kalau ada sapa2 yang nak. can PM me. :D 

 My Bunga Talang from ana. :D 

my sun flower in the pot. dont ask why. :D

that's all for now.