Friday, December 27, 2019

:: 27 Dec 2019 - ZinniA :


Zinnia - it's a one season kind of flowers 
I'm not fan of this beautiful flower. But my mak yes...
She fall in love with this flower, send seeds from Miri for her to plant it at her house.
There are various kinds of colour but I think, Red is the most beautiful. Well. All are beautiful...
Manage to snap few shots before masuk rumah.
Mak want to give me the seeds but I'm not Zinnia's fan lah mak..
But still want to past it in my blog. It's been a while Kan. 


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Normala Saad said...

Oh zinnia ni antara bunga kegemaran kak. Pelbagai warna dan variati ada tapi zinnia jenis ini adalah yang paling tahan lasak.